The Weather of Saltaire, West Yorkshire

The weather in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, varies throughout the year with a range of temperatures and precipitation levels.

Here’s a summary of what you can expect each month based on historical weather data:

  • January and February are the coldest months, with average daily temperatures around 4.26°C (39.67°F) and 4.46°C (40.03°F) respectively. Precipitation is moderate with January having slightly less rain compared to February.
  • March sees a slight increase in temperature to an average of 5.65°C (42.17°F). Rainfall is similar to February.
  • April brings a noticeable rise in temperatures to an average of 9.48°C (49.06°F), with less rainfall than the previous months.
  • May sees further warming with average temperatures reaching 12.77°C (54.99°F), and similar low levels of precipitation as April.
  • June, July, and August are the warmest months, with average temperatures of 15.16°C (59.29°F), 16.99°C (62.58°F), and 16.48°C (61.66°F) respectively. Rainfall increases slightly during these months.
  • September temperatures start to decrease to an average of 13.17°C (55.71°F), with rainfall similar to the summer months.
  • October sees a further drop in temperature to an average of 9.47°C (49.05°F), with October experiencing the most precipitation throughout the year.
  • November and December continue the cooling trend with average temperatures of 6.83°C (44.29°F) and 4.89°C (40.8°F) respectively, with November being slightly drier than December.

Throughout the year, Saltaire experiences a high level of humidity, averaging around 82.23%, and relatively low amounts of sunshine, averaging around 9.11 hours monthly.

The area sees a moderate amount of rainfall spread evenly over the year, with the wettest months typically being October and February​.

For a more detailed climate overview of West Yorkshire which Saltaire is a part of, the closest climate station being the Bingley SAMOS.

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